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The Enviroment

Located at the gates of Paradise
Mine is located near the village of aljarafeño Aznalcázar , in the province of Sevilla and 28 km from Seville. Apart from his village, earned at least a pleasant walk through its peaceful streets and squares, monuments, this city houses a large part of the largest wetland in Europe, the Doñana National Park.

You have 12,000 of its municipal been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco . Other 8,000 hectares are currently in the Natural Park of Doñana . This environment is a fundamental role in the migratory routes of many birds, breeding point to numerous endangered species, and refuge of the Iberian lynx, imperial eagle, the mongoose and many herbivorous species.

It is also a beautiful mosaic of ecosystems (mountain, marsh and dunes) that make up one of the most beautiful and impressive Paisy Europe. The "Mountains of equity " (public), with more than 6,000 have of pine forest, and marshes Aznalcázar offers visitors the possibility of paths and routes, all close to Golf Club , in addition, these sites are excellent for observing the birds in the area, thanks to natural observatories birds they have. Located at the gates of paradise, Las Minas regularly organizes visits and tours , horse riding and other amenities for the enjoyment of all.